About company
Instalnet Ltd, has been on the market since 2009 under the concession Minister of Internal Affairs No. B-024/2009.

We have been specializing in the supply of personal protective products like bulletproof vests, helmets, sapper suits, anti-shock suits and ballistic materials providing protection for vehicles and other objects since 2011. Our products are innovative and comply with the highest requirements for the protection. All materials launched on the market by our company, have been tested and certified by Military Institute of Armament Technology to confirm the quality and endurance parameters specified by the manufacturers.

In the scope of our activity there is also distribution of machines and equipment for production of materials and goods for the army and police. This enables prospective clients to start and develop production in their own country and therefore deliver domestic products which comply with local regulations to native military forces.

In 2013 we expanded our offer and added individual equipment for soldiers like bags, bagpacks, clothing, shoes, and other products that are necessary for each soldiers. Products that we supply and produce in renowned Polish manufactures are of the highest standard required within NATO.

Confirmation of our professionalism in terms of ballistic materials is the fact that within the last three years we have completed contracts of tens of thousand of products including those for foreign partners, as part of equipping military forces with personal protective equipment.

Currently we are launching a new product of our partner, V-Great the largest producer of ballistic materials in China, supplying personal protective equipment to many countries, including the United Nations of which we are the sole representative on the Polish market. The product is the response to the challenges related to the growing threat of terrorism, as well as cases of intentional or unintentional acts of people leaving unidentified packets in public places which may pose a safety threat.

President of Management Board
Grzegorz Gryn